How much money would help you?

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  • How much money would help you?


Answer #1 | 12/09 2007 16:42
would help me well i already have a perfect life with over 70 thousand dollars.ill like more so i can donate to charity
Positive: 100 %
Answer #2 | 12/09 2007 16:44
Well Thinking about necessities and not greed I would say that 500,000 would help me. I would be able to pay off all of my student loans (140, 000) pay personal debt and buy a home to live in.
Answer #3 | 12/09 2007 16:45
Just won £15,000 makes a huge difference... now debt free and can have a darn good holiday and xmas for once!
Answer #4 | 12/09 2007 16:46
2 grand would get me back in control of things.
Answer #5 | 12/09 2007 16:44
Anything extra makes a difference to a person I think. For it to be life changing in quite a substantial way I'd say a deposit for a house or enough to buy a house outright would be of greatest help and would be extremely life changing. I hate people who say they'd need millions to change their life- I think anyone who doesn't own a house/place outright it would make a huge difference or to have their mortgage paid off.
Answer #6 | 12/09 2007 16:42
500,000 would make a difference. pay off debt and build a house
Answer #7 | 12/09 2007 16:42
Answer #8 | 12/09 2007 16:42
I would need just enough to make a difference. The difference being a comparison to my present wealth.
Answer #9 | 12/09 2007 16:43
I'd be happy with the 10 mil like you said. But what would make a difference in my life would have to be around 30 g's.
Answer #10 | 12/09 2007 16:48
well any amount would help me ...a million would be fine:)
Answer #11 | 12/09 2007 16:50
$6 million would be great, but $50 thousand would make a significant difference in my life.
Answer #12 | 12/09 2007 18:04
180 trillion would be nice
Answer #13 | 13/09 2007 06:11
About £1,000 just to pay off my credit card and then i won't need to worry about the interest every month credit cards are so bad for you.
Answer #14 | 13/09 2007 13:41
Mate, you found a virgin page. That's worth 10 million.
Answer #15 | 12/09 2007 17:19
£600.00 would clear all my overdraft and loan. £1,000.00 would mean we could have some treats and pay off the above. £3,500.00 would mean I can pay for my college fees for 1 year, my books and travel to college £11,000.00 would mean I can finish my training in 3 years. £30,000.00 would enable me to buy a couple of acres of land and build my dream eco home on it. £14 million would allow me to do all the above and set up community based rehab, hostel, elderly carehome and womens refuge, all with holistic health care and integration programmes, counselling etc, etc. For now im happy to be able to pay my bills and eat healthy food £100.00 per week
Answer #16 | 12/09 2007 17:06
10 k would significantly help me and make a difference to my life, but i would prefer half a mil...i could pay off my mortgage, debts etc and have about 375k left to live off the interest...... i know a lad who inherited a quarter mil off his uncle when he died about 13 years ago and he was getting £32,000 a year interest (£8,000 every quarter) don't know what sort of bank acc it was in but i could do with that.
Answer #17 | 12/09 2007 16:51
now here's an expansive question. At the end of the day any money gained with out havin to earn it would make a difference even if just for a day but you want me to give a definite sum so i say £16320..............DEBT FREE BABY
Answer #18 | 12/09 2007 16:51
i really don't care ow much money i get as long as i get enough to go shopping with my girl.
Answer #19 | 12/09 2007 16:58
£2.5 million would be just about right....

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