How much do hibachi grill servers typically make?

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  • How much do hibachi grill servers typically make?


Answer #1 | 03/09 2013 18:01
pending on the night, at a good hibachi grill you can make probably around 100-150 dollars a night
Answer #2 | 07/11 2013 12:26
i'm a hibachi server, most hibachi places generally split the tip with the chef 50/50 (but I do know a place near me that tips the chefs 9%). On good nights you make about 200-300, which makes you bring home 100-150 a night (just like any normal server). I don't think I ever made more than 150 in one night (I made 150 on new years eve.. boy was that crazy). The only thing about hibachi is that it's a big party night out type place to eat at, so generally you make more on the weekends and the weekdays are pretty slow. We only give the bussers money. Now Benihana is one of the most, if not is, the most expensive hibachi places out of all of them and I've heard they make good money there. So you'd probably make 130-180 a night, something like that.

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