How many Newborn & Baby/Parenting regulars, or former regulars, are in our possee?

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  • How many Newborn & Baby/Parenting regulars, or former regulars, are in our possee?


Answer #1 | 15/11 2008 13:14
i dont wana answer the question but please dude....change ur picture XD
Answer #2 | 15/11 2008 13:42
I am a recovering NB&B and parenting regular. The women there have 0 sense of humor and they are too clicky. Once my account got stolen from a certain someone I decided to only check in there once in a while. The same people are still ruling it too **It looks like you have a few crushes on here Pimpy. I find your avatar beyond hawt. If you changed it I would be crushed, who would I fantasize about at night? ***Sophies Mommy-I didn't know I had, Im so sorry! I remember a long time ago I blocked about everyone in NB&B b/c my avatar was stolen and I thought I removed them once I figured out who it was. I'm sorry, I makey it better =-) Yes of course! Take me I'm all yours! I just added you if thats ok..
Answer #3 | 15/11 2008 13:15
Answer #4 | 15/11 2008 13:14
I don't go there anymore. I'm certain all those badges will soon be replaced with better Indonesia.
Answer #5 | 15/11 2008 14:37
ME ME ME please!! :) I have a sense of humor at least twice a week! Will that suffice, you royal stud?????
Answer #6 | 15/11 2008 14:46
I used to troll that area semi regularly. Does that count?
Answer #7 | 15/11 2008 20:02
i sometimes troll there. but that's about it.
Answer #8 | 15/11 2008 19:45
I used to be ... back when my youngest was still a babby. I found the hormonal, humorless, whiny wenches to be delightfully entertaining! "omg ... y my babby cries so much? ... can u have a pereod when ur brestfeeding?" The section does get boring once you realize its all the same questions OVER and OVER again.
Answer #9 | 15/11 2008 14:54
Possee, is that French? Well, I am a recovering N&Ber. Don't think I can qualify for posseee status though.

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