How many needles do you think it would take before my baby brother starts to cry and/or bleed?

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  • How many needles do you think it would take before my baby brother starts to cry and/or bleed?


Anonymous21078 | 29/06 2017 05:57
Only a REALL.Y horrible jealous immature person would contemplate doing this to an innocent baby who could never defend himself.
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Anonymous576716 | 30/07 2017 05:58
Don't hurt him. I wish I could take you away from where you are, but I cannot. O instead of trying to hurt him , instead take him ever so gently involved to your arms to protect him, and rock him to sleep ? Your mommy or daddy might not understand they should do it for your baby brother but you can . Just gently hold him and rock him slowly , sing him a lullaby. God bless you
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Answer #3 | 06/06 2017 08:56
What in the actual fùck is wrong with you?
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Anonymous478474 | 05/08 2017 03:55
Where are your parents honey ?
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Anonymous485934 | 12/08 2017 06:32
If you are capable , call your local police and discuss this, please. Your life is not making sense just now and you need help.
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Anonymous51786 | 29/06 2017 05:54
I think I will report this question to 911 so they can put your horrible selfish self in jail if you really do this to your own baby brother . Find something better to do than harm others.
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Answer #7 | 06/06 2017 08:49
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Anonymous515107 | 30/07 2017 06:11
I know God loves you honey. I mean it when I say I wish I could get you and your brother out of there,but I cannot. Not enough money. But I want you to know you and your baby brother are always in my heart. Don't be afraid . Read read read learn !!!
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Anonymous176775 | 30/07 2017 06:04
Don't hurt him . Instead love him gently, as you want your parents to love you
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