How many dogs can a person own here?

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  • How many dogs can a person own here?


Answer #1 | 05/04 2008 15:26
If you have a big place, and can manage it, fine.
Answer #2 | 05/04 2008 15:31
Are you looking to create a dog army to overthrow the government? Or do you figure they're easier to take care of then kids. BTW, your hair looks great today. :)
Answer #3 | 05/04 2008 15:30
great, now this place is going to smell like Florida
Answer #4 | 05/04 2008 15:28
i think you can own all you want here, but in seattle there's a crazy law stating a 3 pet limit although i have 3 dogs and 9 cats i'm hiding out
Answer #5 | 05/04 2008 15:39
Have you ever seen this? I don't know if it's real or not... but, maybe you should look into moving there.
Answer #6 | 05/04 2008 16:10
Woof woof!!
Answer #7 | 05/04 2008 19:40
The limit is thirty. Bribe the mayor, and you may be able to get that extra dog.
Answer #8 | 05/04 2008 16:50
Can you ensure that you will provide adequate lodging and attention to all your dogs... including meals, walks, vet care, toys and play? if not, please don't!
Answer #9 | 05/04 2008 16:32
Wait, why are we hanging out in Gualguaychu again? Does anyone post any real questions here?

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