How long can you get chicken to last?

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  • How long can you get chicken to last?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 23:04
I bring the chicken home, and cut up a whole one. I divide the uncooked chicken into packages, just the right size for certain dishes. This time, I separated out the dark from the white, because I want sandwiches out of the white, and BBQ out of the dark. If for some reason I need to cook more, I just grab the next bag. You are right, chciken lasts in the refrig about 3 days, if you store it properly. Rivers has frozen cooked chicken, I figure if the manufacturing companies do that, so can I. I might pour the sauce right on it, to keep it moist. Keep it in a tight storage box, or layers of plastic and foil. I vacuum sealer might buy you some time, but I would not risk it.
Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 08:41
I have a foodsaver and I portion out the meat, chicken, etc and freeze them. When I want something, I pull it out the night before and put in fridge.
Answer #3 | 26/12 2013 21:33
Fresh Chicken lasts for 1-2 Days 1 Year Cooked Chicken lasts for 7 Days 1 Year Roasted Chicken lasts for 7 Days 6-8 Months (Opened) Pantry Fridge Canned Chicken lasts for 2-5 Years 7 Days

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