How is a nice dinner from Spain different from here?

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  • How is a nice dinner from Spain different from here?


Answer #1 | 28/08 2009 21:21
Tapas, which are spanish appetizers, such as chicharron de gallina (chicken in lemon and pepper sause), escabeche (fish marinated in wine vinegar), gazpacho, a cold vegetable soup; or for entrees, paella, a sort of rice stew with vegatiables and seafood, pork, or chicken; fish or chicken baked in picada (sweet and sour_ sauce lowfat low in fat
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Answer #2 | 26/08 2009 11:51
In Spain they take a really long time with their 4 hours. And they eat really late at night. Its more of an "experience". They eat tiny plates called "tapas" which are shared its like eating ten different appetizers for dinner instead of a huge meal.
Answer #3 | 26/08 2009 11:59
It is a total different country from here and the culture and food are different.
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Answer #4 | 26/08 2009 14:52
They don't sit down to dinner until about midnight. In fact, if you go to a restaurant in Spain, you probably won't see ANY Spaniards eating until at least 10! (they might be in the bar having tapas, but they won't be having meals...the only people you'll see before then would be foreigners.) Two main courses, a soup, pasta, or rice dish first, then a main plate which usually consists of a meat or eggs, and a vegetable or potato. Salad might be served later, as a dessert, or sometimes can be served as the vegetable. No fact, adults won't often drink any milk, ever, but wine (usualy a tinto, rarely anything white) or beer is more typical than soda or even water, and they never drink tap water (though it's perfectly good in most of the country), only bottled water. Coffee, typically black, is served after the meal is over, and dessert is usually fruit. You have pastries for snacks...and...yum!

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