How / if can I REVIVE these Poinsettias?

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  • How / if can I REVIVE these Poinsettias?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 15:33
The poinsettia police will be looking for your now. You may be able to nurse the plant back to life but without a greenhouse and the special conditions poinsettieas require to make flowers you are committing yourself to disappointments and frustrations, Dump it where the police wont find it and prosecute you with killing it.
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 18:34
Poinsettias take lots of water to keep looking perky. Check to see if the soil is moist by sinking your finger into the pot about an inch or two. You will probably find it very dry. If so, prepare a container of lukewarm water that is larger than the pot and plunge the entire poinsettia pot in the water and hold it below the water until it stops bubbling. This will re-wet the root ball. Keeping them cool will help, try to keep them away from direct heat and not sitting on anything that produces heat, i.e. television. Your leaves that are brittle are beyond repair. We often add white pine boughs or other cut evergreens to the plants to even out the foliage.

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