how i get a job? please i need tips im 17?

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  • how i get a job? please i need tips im 17?


Answer #1 | 17/10 2006 13:00
You need to fill out an application!
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Answer #2 | 19/10 2006 20:34
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Answer #3 | 16/10 2006 11:16
Put together a small resume...mostly listing anything you have done that shows you are responsible...working with a school group, charity, or church...babysitting for someone outside your immediate family, and anything job like you may have done. List 3-5 personal references and their contact info. Then, search Craigslist, want ads, newpaper ads, etc. to find an opening. Try grocery stores, fast food stores, or somewhere related to your interestes (like music stores, a florist, clothing store, etc.) When you go in try to look nice- no jeans or t-shirts. Look like you are trying to be professional, ask to see the manager, tell them why you are there, or if possible, find some one who looks young to and ask them about who you should talk to. People your age will be suprisingly helpful, and probably tell you what it is really like to work there. GOOD LUCK!

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