How do you undo a slinky?

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  • How do you undo a slinky?


Magdalaina Anne Kenlie | 06/07 2014 00:26
I only know how to undo simple tangles, but I hope this helps anyway. First, pull the slinky gently apart as much as you can, so you know where it's hooked. Then, once you know where, take one of the two rungs of the slinky that are jammed, then seperate it from the rest of the slinky, meaning, hold it in the air and let the rest fall. Now grab the opposite end of the slinky bunch all of the loose rungs up. then push them into the other side of the slinky, just above the hooked rungs. then pull it up through the rung and back out the same side you went in. I haven't done this many times, but it worked perfectly. If it does not work, try again with the other side. I hope this helps.
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