How Do You Show A Pisces Girl You Love Her?

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  • How Do You Show A Pisces Girl You Love Her?


Answer #1 | 27/12 2013 18:49
First of all I'm a Pisces and in my opinion, to show Pisces that you really love her, what you do is to just give her compliments. We love getting those because it boosts up our confidence (all girls do) We don't really need anything so like, you don't have to but us flowers because your hugs and kisses are enough. Try to smile at her often, and show affection. Also show them that they're really special like do something for them that you don't usually do for other people. Do little things to them, they are very observant people so like they like that. Be spontaneous, most pisces love this! Don't be all predictable because that's just dull. And last thing you should do is try to share her things that you don't usually share with other people. Tell her about your dreams, what you think of life, your future and all, try to show vulnerability and be modest. Try showing her that you love her by texting her good mornings and goodnight ^--^ there are many things that you could do.
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Answer #2 | 27/12 2013 15:08
why are you worried about the signs? be a person and who you are. the "signs" are irrelevant.
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Answer #3 | 27/12 2013 15:32
do what you just said.
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Answer #4 | 27/12 2013 17:31
Yes, being hugely romantic is a plus their a water sign so their emotions are in full tune. Be a perfect gentlemen and it's OK to be sensitive. Make sure you're fully genuine with your approaches though, not only do they feel on a deeper level but their able to sense what others are feeling as well.
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Answer #5 | 08/01 2014 10:20
Sit with her under the night stars and just cuddle. I'm a Pisces and that's what I'd love. Good luck :)
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Answer #6 | 27/12 2013 23:00
Generally speaking, someone who is there for me when I need to be is a good start. If they are constantly flakey or forget I exist it annoys me and I lose interest. Flowers and poems are not required.. In fact, I don't care for either. Surprise her with a nice dinner you cooked( especially her favorite food). Take her on a picnic.. It's the effort that goes in.. Not the gift itself. The nicest things I will always remember from people were not expensive.. Most of them required very little money at all. If you want to go with flowers find out which ones she really likes. If you want to take her out make it somewhere quiet with nice colours and lighting.. Somewhere romantic. When i go on dates I like to make them a bit unusual and arty so she has something nice to look at. I also give presents no one else would get them... Something a bit odd or quirky
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