how do you send a letter overseas in UK post office?

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  • how do you send a letter overseas in UK post office?


Answer #1 | 22/06 2012 06:48
Wrap it yourself, Write address on it, Take to post office so they weight it, Pay whatever costs, Done.
Answer #2 | 22/06 2012 06:49
Didn't read the whole question but wrap it, address it, put senders address on back, take to post office, demand it be weighed for cost, pay cashier requested amount, leave parcel with cashier, leave post office, make beeline for nearest pub. Sorted.
Answer #3 | 22/06 2012 06:49
if they go in an envelope put em in and adress them take em to post office and tell em where u want em to go and they will weigh em and tell u how much . simples :))
Answer #4 | 22/06 2012 06:53
For a small package you self write the envelope, put the 'destination' address on the front ( TO ..... ) and your name and address on the back ( FROM ..... ) take it to the post office, tell them what country it's going to, they'll weigh it, they may ask if you want air mail or not .. you say ''air mail'' they may ask if you want recorded delivery or registered post .. say ''no'' then they'll tell you how much, you pay, they'll give you the stamps you stick them on the package (stick them on the TO ... side of the package) give it back and they'll sent it for you.
Answer #5 | 22/06 2012 07:49
Five sheets of paper can go as a letter, but folded in a small envelope - just ask for a stamp to Brazil. Chocolate and bigger item, wrap it in brown paper, then take it in, they will weight it and give you cost, pay it , they stick on a label/stamp and take it off you for collection.
Answer #6 | 22/06 2012 07:08
Before you do anything go to the local Post Office and ask for 2 Customs Declaration Forms for packets to Brazil. If your parcels go without them they will end up stuck in Brazilian Customs. The recipient may have to pay an import duty for the necklet. Write on one forms the things you are including in the first packet. You don't need to mention paperwork as it generally does not need a form. You may also have to give a value for the items. Now pack your items securely, preferably in a strong card box or the chocolate bar will be crushed in transit.. Wrap it in brown wrapping paper and use parcel tape to secure the joints. Write an address label saying "To:" with the receipient's address and stick it on the centre front, and write a label with "From:" and your home address on it and stick it in the back near one side. Do the same for the other parcel. Take them to the Post Office with the Customs Forms and they will weigh them and charge you the necessary postage after asking you what options you want to take. If you want them to go by airmail they will give you an airmail sticker for each parcel. Then they will probably take them from you and fasten a postage paid label on them. Brazil is in the zone known as "Rest of the World" which carries the highest freight charges so make sure you have enough money with you. The price per parcel is likely to be in the region of £10 -£14 You can get more information on the charges at

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