how do you say goodbye to some one you love?

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  • how do you say goodbye to some one you love?


Answer #1 | 26/05 2009 02:53
well if hes going to prison for a long time then hes done something really bad..then say good by and dont look back...and consider yourself lucky your not going with him
Answer #2 | 26/05 2009 04:43
At times, its better not to approach things emotionally. Be practical! He's going to prison for a long time! Seems he has done something bad !. All the best with your new life :)
Answer #3 | 26/05 2009 06:13
Just say "Hope to see you soon, we will try and have contact...cya take care"
Answer #4 | 26/05 2009 06:21
i would tell him that after he got out that i would be there waiting for him if you think he's the one
Answer #5 | 27/05 2009 05:49
well just spend some time together as much as possible. and surely youll be allowed to visit him whne hes in prison?? --x--
Answer #6 | 26/05 2009 06:32
Did he kill someone?

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