how do you have the motivation to cook and eat healthy?

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  • how do you have the motivation to cook and eat healthy?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 18:45
I enjoy gardening and cooking. I like trying new techniques. How to begin? Get a spiral bound cookbook with lots of pictures. Choose a recipe that strikes your fancy. Buy the ingredients and create it.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 19:06
I just remind myself that my cooking is better tasting and better for me than fast food, and cheaper than buying cooked food. Maybe if you write down how much you spend every time you buy fast food or cooked food, keep a journal, it might help you realize exactly how much money you throw away. It's your money; you can throw it away if you want. But if you see in black and white how much it is and realize what else you could buy with it instead, that might help. You also have to exercise some self discipline. Don't let yourself walk into a fast food place. Learn how to cook, so your food is as good as theirs, or better. Do grocery shopping so you have good food at home. If you're tired and hungry and there isn't any food at home anyway, it's much easier and faster to stop at a fast food place than to go to the grocery store. Do the grocery shopping on weekends when you have time to plan it and buy wisely.
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Answer #3 | 23/12 2013 19:33
when you realize you will be paying for it if you dont eat healthy
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Answer #4 | 23/12 2013 22:44
Wow, that is all bad for you. and expensive. And, sorry, lazy. Here where I live, one Whopper with a coupon costs $2.50. For that, I could fix up several balanced meals. Never mind the couple bucks spent for onion rings and a soda. Total bill $8. For $6, I could make a big pot of spaghetti, and some garlic bread. You have to learn to cook some easy healthy things! Rivers loves some chicken, cooked stove top or oven, and some stove top stuffing. Open some canned veggies and canned fruit[no sugar added] and you have a balanced healthy dinner. when nearly done, baste your chicken in some BBQ sauce if you want. Rivers found a meatloaf recipe she likes, I just stir it up, put it in a loaf pan, and bake it. So easy to get a box of Betty crocker potatoes and fix them. And again, open a can of veggies. Watch some TV cooking shows. there are some on PBS, and some on food network. I recommend Alton Brown, and his show "Good Eats" He explains everything, why something works, how it works, how to make it store it. do some research, find something on a recipe website that you like. go to a catagory, like soups. And see what is there, and is in your capabilities as a cook. Get a beginner's cookbook, see if it is all new to you, and buy it. It needs to explain words and techniques. I have one that I love, it has pictures of the techinques. LOL, the motivation comes from how good home cooked food tastes, how little it costs, and it gets even better when you have money left over at the end of the month for a Walmart triple cheese pizza. and you will learn! Just cook something, and the next time, you will know how. and it will go fast.
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Answer #5 | 23/12 2013 23:35
You can download simple and quick recipes from website. Invite your friends to try your recipe.
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