How do you fix the roblox is updating glitch?

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  • How do you fix the roblox is updating glitch?


FuzzNexus | 22/02 2018 08:52
You can either turn off your computer, turn it back on, and try again, Uninstall roblox, and re install roblox, Or you can keep trying over and over before it finally works.
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Anonymous65089 | 14/02 2016 07:05
i dont know
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Kybos | 10/07 2014 14:32
I've got the same problem! I turned off the computer for the night, and went to roblox the day after, and tried to play a game, roblox player kept updating and updating, but the update bar only went a few centimeters.. The same thing happens to me with Roblox studio. HELP
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