How do you ask your girlfriend to only be engaged not married ? or do you ask same ? will you marry me ?

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  • How do you ask your girlfriend to only be engaged not married ? or do you ask same ? will you marry me ?


Answer #1 | 06/02 2014 06:30
Engaged means you are on track to get married, and you are now planning a wedding. If you don't want to marry someone, don't ask them, and don't 'get engaged'.
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Answer #2 | 06/02 2014 00:13
You don't get engaged if you don't plan to marry, that's the whole point.
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Answer #3 | 06/02 2014 00:39
In this case you do not propose, what you can do is if you really want to be in a committed relationship with your girlfriend is to give her something with meaning (necklace, promise ring) something that symbolizes your love for her. Please be very explicit that you love her and want to be in a serious relationship with her, but are not ready for marriage yet, but is something that you would want in the future (that is if you really want). Is really like being engage, but without having to start with wedding preparations. In case is a ring what you choose to give her is call a PROMISE RING. Good luck!!!
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Answer #4 | 06/02 2014 00:21
Ask her to get married but in a way for when she knows you both will actually do it. Bc getting engaged is to show that your getting married. People get engaged and then are engaged for like six years bc of situations.... if you want to marry her but not in the next year or two then ask her to marry her just make sure to tell her that you don't want to get married right away but like in a year or two. but being in engaged means you both want to be with each other forever, so don't ask to be married if you don't want to be with her, and don't ask her to marry her if you never plan on marrying her. In the end i guess you would ask it in the same way but before she answers yes make sure she knows what she's getting....
Answer #5 | 06/02 2014 07:06
You cannot propose a lady on marriage without the marriage part. If you are not ready to get married then please do not play with people's feelings and emotions. Being engaged is not about wearing a ring or marking your territory, being engaged means that you are ready to financially support your wife, get your own place, start a family and activity plan a wedding with a date set. I suggest you grow up and understand that an engagement is not child's play or a Facebook status, is a serious commitment, not pillow talk. Ridiculous.
Answer #6 | 06/02 2014 02:43
If you're not prepared to marry her, than don't propose.
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Answer #7 | 06/02 2014 00:39
So you just want her on a short leash so YOU ca continue bed hoping but SHE has to stay true. Is that it?
Answer #8 | 06/02 2014 00:14
The whole point of getting engaged is to get married, if you don't want to get married you wouldn't get engaged to her.
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Answer #9 | 08/02 2014 12:38
Too be engaged you have to have first asked her to marry you. That is what an engagement is, you are engaged to be married and are in fact planning your wedding. No marriage, no engagement. you cannot ask her to just be engaged because that means you intend to marry her and you don't want to do that
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