How do muggles put up with this smell?

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  • How do muggles put up with this smell?


Answer #1 | 11/06 2010 09:29 live in an fantasy world....
Answer #2 | 11/06 2010 09:31
You could try a confundus charm on the flies. And no, all muggles don't smell bad, it depends on how well their noses work. You could always try a nose-removal charm, that should stop you smelling anything at all - including bad!
Answer #3 | 11/06 2010 09:30
No it isn't.... There are some people who smell really really good :) But I feel your pain
Answer #4 | 11/06 2010 09:34
no some muggels smell good LOL
Answer #5 | 11/06 2010 09:37
*gigglesnort* Hehe! Yes yes they do! *throws dirty pampers at muggles*
Answer #6 | 11/06 2010 14:56
I think that they have things thing called a "shower". Apparently it cleans you but it only lasts up to one week.
Answer #7 | 11/06 2010 13:25
Dobby doesnt know because Dobby hasnt been near muggles. whenever they see Dobby they run away? IS DOBBY UGLY OR SOMETHING?

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