How do I say I am hungry in Spain Spanish?

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  • How do I say I am hungry in Spain Spanish?


Answer #1 | 11/10 2008 15:53
english: i'm hungry. french: j'ai faim. italian: ho fame. spanish: tengo hambre. portuguese: eu tenho fame.
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Answer #2 | 14/10 2008 05:19
Not sure why some people have added French and Italian here (?) but if you consider the languages within Spain you still have Castellano, Catalan, Euskara and Gallego (as the main recognised languages) so the person saying that within Spain there is only Spanish is not correct. As several people pointed out, 'tengo hambre' (the 'h' of hambre is silent, by the way) is Castellano, but if you are visiting in any of the other regions/countries, local people very much appreciate you learning a few basic words of the local language. Have fun!
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Answer #3 | 11/10 2008 14:00
okay, well in french, you can say j'ai faim. in spanish, you can say tengo hambre. and then if you want to say it in italian, its ho fame, which i find funny. if you need any other languages, just go to it works for me!
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Answer #4 | 11/10 2008 13:41
Tengo Hambre the yo in front is optionial!
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Answer #5 | 11/10 2008 22:05
Tengo hambre. That's how you say I am hungry IN SPANISH. There are no different languages within Spanish. If it's Spanish, it's Spanish, and from Latin America to Spain, that one is the same. There are SOME differences, but that is not one of them...and, btw, this question would be better posted in the languages category...along with the rest of your Spanish and other language questions.
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