How do I marry a man without having to move in together with him?

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  • How do I marry a man without having to move in together with him?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 22:01
So many marriages fail because personal habits are so different and the two parties just grate upon each other. whether it is bathtowels on the floor, toilet seat being up, not replacing the toilet roll, etc. Sometimes it's best to have a trial run of living together to see if it has a probability of working out. But feel free to place a time limit on it. Tell him if you aren't engaged after a year of living together that you are breaking up and will move out.
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Answer #2 | 22/12 2013 23:48
This is your life, not your parent's. You're more than old enough to decide your own future.
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Answer #3 | 22/12 2013 22:15
I'm divorced and with my ex we didn't move in together until after we were engaged. I'm not saying that is the reason why we got divorced just that is what we did. But you do have to stay over at his house and him at yours. if you can do that then you are just asking for trouble. People don't really get to know one another until you spend every waking moment together. you won't know things about him and he won't know things about you until you can do that. You should be able to think about and talk about marriage before you live together. your religious belief could be the reason that you feel this way and there is nothing wrong with that. It could be that the guys you are dating don't have those same beliefs and you might consider looking for guys with those types of beliefs even if religion isn't the reason why. there are christian dating sites( all types of religion based dating sites) that are geared to people with strong religious beliefs who may be better suited for you.
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Answer #4 | 22/12 2013 22:10
You have "daddy issues" and need to work on getting past them. I never lived with my husband before marriage. If you live with your boyfriend before marriage, your odds of getting divorced go up. You need to not jump the gun here. Get a boyfriend and then worry about moving in or not. If the guy is the right guy for you, I doubt he'll what to live together before marriage. If you don't want to live together before marriage, more power to you! Just don't do it. I felt the exact same way, and it worked for me.
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