How do I make my eyes look bluer/bigger?

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  • How do I make my eyes look bluer/bigger?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 21:26
There's nothing like having a big pair of beautiful sparkling eyes. Unfortunately, nature does not always cooperate, leaving us with eyes that fall short of our ideal. If you'd like to make your eyes look bigger, there are several ways to go about doing that, and not all of them involve makeup! Don't apply eyeliner all the way around your eyes. Doing so will cause your eyes to look smaller, as they will appear fenced or ringed in by the circle line. This also means avoiding the smoky eye look). This is not necessarily a bad thing––small eyes can still look mysterious and dramatic, but if you're looking for a bigger eye effect, that's not the effect that you want. When you apply eyeliner on your lower lashes, do it just below the lash line, not inside the rim. In particular, don't let the line come all the way to the inner corner of your eye. You might also want to line your wet-line with white or other light color. It makes eyes look noticeably bigger, but be careful, as overdoing it will look awkward. Extend the eyeliner beyond the outer corners of your eyes. This line should move upwards a little as well, mimicking a very long eyelash. This technique will make your eyes appear wider, but is a tricky technique to do well. If the eyeliner isn't applied symmetrically, it can make your eyes look lopsided, so try doing this with a mirror or ask a friend to help initially. Add white eyeshadow or eyeliner to the inner corner of your eyes. This technique helps to bring more light into your eyes and produces the effect of larger-looking eyes. Use soft white though; a harsh white will look theatrical. You can also use the white liner on your lower waterline, which extends the white part of your eye.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 08:44
White eye liner on you're water line then white eye shadow or shimmer near the tear duct and try and make the black eyeliner really close to your lash line as possible make it really thin Black will make them bluer and draw more attention white makes you're eyes look bigger take before and after pic to see difference
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