How do I get a moto maker moto x shipped to canada?

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  • How do I get a moto maker moto x shipped to canada?


Answer #1 | 19/01 2014 11:46
Rogers wireless has the motoX phones in Canada , if they don't have the design you want you cna buy a skin that makes it look like that if you get one from at&t n the u.s you'd need to unlock it ad activate at rogers anyway since they are the only carrier who can activate the moto x phones in canada so if I were you Id get one from rogers and either try ordering the model you want or buy a skin for it online
Answer #2 | 20/01 2014 20:45
I just got one for my wife and I used a company called Kinek. You just use their address for shipping (usually at various border crossings) and go down and pick it up. If you can't get to the border, I think there are other services that can get it across but I didn't have to explore that option. Honestly, such a good phone. And no, it works with any of the major carriers. She uses it on Telus. Just buy an activated SIM card from your carrier of choice and pop it in. We are using Telus and it works fine. Only thing that bugs me (not her though) is the AT&T model shows the carrier permanently in the status bar and you can't remove it without rooting. She doesn't mind, but if that would bug you get the dev edition. Not sure if the T-Mo one works on all carriers.

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