How do I gain weight as a vegetarian?

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  • How do I gain weight as a vegetarian?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 11:53
I know how you feel. Sometimes you feel like you need more, you just don't hunger for it. Higher calories don't mean it will be better. You shouldn't force yourself. Just try to eat....not FORCE. If you feel really full, then don't eat much, but if you are just not hungry not Even if it is just two celery sticks. Try to go for fiber, and vitamins and minerals. You are getting plenty of protein from eggs, which is great. Also, Cinnamon Toast Crush tastes great, but the problem is it is sugary. You need sugar, but not that much every day. So what I'm saying is, try having eggs for breakfast sometimes, and have Cinnamon Toast once in a while. Try other cereals, like Cheerios. I don't like tofu either! :P
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 14:22
lol keep eating more calories and lets see how much weight u gain... its never going to work i told u if ur body isnt absorbing and using anything ur never gonna gain weight thats why im telling u to go on a raw vegan diet... if u think simply eating more calories is gonna work... hahahaha ya ok let me know how that works out for u.... i bet it never will work out good at all

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