how do i convince my dad to let me date a guy thats 2years older than me?

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  • how do i convince my dad to let me date a guy thats 2years older than me?


Answer #1 | 03/12 2013 20:14
And how old is that? 16, 18, 20?
Answer #2 | 04/12 2013 01:34
Oh, that is easy, just wait and ask when your over 18.
Answer #3 | 04/12 2013 01:18
Tell him he is training training to become a priest
Answer #4 | 03/12 2013 21:27
Hmm. I think be honest, Tell your dad that you're just going to have a date and nothing more. Tell your dad that is normal dating. Just be honest that you won't do anything girl :)
Answer #5 | 04/12 2013 02:39
Tell him that he is a really nice guy and if it could be arranged, have them meet each other for better understanding.
Answer #6 | 04/12 2013 03:12
Find him a doubledate
Answer #7 | 07/12 2013 17:59
So here is the deal... the guy should not be even talking to you about dating if he is over 18 and you are not. Even if you were both 17 and then he turned 18 a day before you, there is potential trouble here for him legally as you would still be a minor and he an adult.
Answer #8 | 07/12 2013 15:21
What does it matter to any one else ... If you get on with each other then go for IT ! After all you are only young once and only 2 years is nothing when you get older !
Answer #9 | 04/12 2013 17:00
It really depends how old you are, when you're young 2 years can be a lot and it's hard for parents to understand because they're trying to look in your best interest. Just tell them he's a respectful, lovely person and he'd like to meet your father. Break it to him slowly that you like him, only say nice things! Then hopefully he'll see this boy makes you happy and he will accept it. :)
Answer #10 | 04/12 2013 05:01
First off you are asking this in the DINING OUT section. Secondly, do what your dad tells you to do.

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