How did you survive Los Angeles?

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  • How did you survive Los Angeles?


Answer #1 | 12/12 2013 02:40
Work two jobs, get unemployment to supplement your part time job if you have to. Look for studios downtown or only for apartments that include all your utilities in your rent. Find a roommate if u don't want to be in a studio. Rent a room. It's hard LA is not easy. Look around long beach it's a bit cheaper you just have to know where to look. You can find cheap rent studios all ult. In NOHO and downtown, koreatown etc etc
Answer #2 | 12/12 2013 08:33
Those person who lives in Los Angeles in their whole life. They must manage how to survive there. What is the high demands of cost to live there for example an apartment, get a job as well buying colthes.
Answer #3 | 12/12 2013 14:49
L.A. is no different from any big city, except that there is 100x the land to live on around it and no compelling reason to live downtown. Less expensive living accommodations are always "20 minutes away" as we say here. Sure, living "in" downtown L.A. might be expensive, but again, seriously who wants to live there? Expenses are relative to available pay, so while it may seem more expensive than some areas, there is plenty of affordable housing.

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