How did the Israelites settle canaan?

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  • How did the Israelites settle canaan?


Answer #1 | 13/12 2016 23:34
The israelites were a canaanite tribe.
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Answer #2 | 13/12 2016 23:55
The nation of Israel originated as the Ivri ("Hebrews" in English) Clan which developed in Canaan from an originally Mesopotamian migrant family ("Ivri" means "from across the river"). The Hebrews initially bought holdings in Hebron and Schehem and used several other pastures. After having migrated to Egypt during famines and remaining there for three or so generations as a forced vassal labor force, they rebelled and left Egypt to return to Canaan. As a substantially greater sized group, now with a sense of tribal group identity and a legal system, the Israelite Tribal Confederacy pushed through several fortified strongholds and took land for pasture and settlement.
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Answer #3 | 13/12 2016 23:42
The Israelites were indigenous to the Land of Canaan. According to Biblical Scholarship, using the Historical Critical Method, Canaanite society was structured based on social stratification where you had the elites, aristocrats, kings and landowners at the top, and the peasants, workers, farmers, nomads and slaves at the bottom. The Israelites were the peasants, workers, farmers, nomads and slaves of Ancient Canaan, typically called the Habiru. According to the research they formed a distinct identity by overthrowing their social hierarchs. The narratives of Exodus and Joshua's conquest should not be read as a literal recounting of history. They are foundation narratives they way the Trojan War was a foundation narrative for the Greeks and the Romulus and Remus story a foundation narrative for the Romans. The theme of that foundation narrative is the theme of Yahweh making a covenant with an oppressed people make up of slaves, nomads, peasants and workers while conquering and overpowering their oppressors. It's the theme of a God who views history and society through the lense of the oppressed.
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Answer #4 | 13/12 2016 23:47
full treatment here Chapter 9: The Settlement of Canaan - Secular Web
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