How can Wal Mart be sold out of MLB 13: The Show?

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  • How can Wal Mart be sold out of MLB 13: The Show?


Answer #1 | 14/03 2013 12:52
I don't know, you Canadian. I'm sure when I go to GameStop to get it, it won't be sold out I'm not a fan of that Cutch cover at all. I predicted he'll win in a close-race with Posey, and I don't know how close it was, but he won. I preferred either Braun or Kemp. Braun BY FAR had the best campaign videos. EB didn't go out of business, technically. It just combined into Game Stop
Answer #2 | 14/03 2013 15:31
I'd take McCutchen over Bautista any day, not knocking on Bautista of course I love the guy, but he doesn't have McCutchen's defense and as an overall player I'd take Cutch easily. I only come on when Chaos or someone else links me to something or I know something interesting is going on (March Madness, pretty sure that starts the 17th so I'll be checking in around then I suppose)

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