How can liberals argue "white privilege" if asians do better than whites?

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  • How can liberals argue "white privilege" if asians do better than whites?


Answer #1 | 06/06 2017 08:34
Do you really not know what white privilege is?
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Answer #2 | 06/06 2017 08:05
thats just due to "white laziness"
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Anonymous18098 | 01/07 2017 18:43
You would think a liberal/communist/socialist would understand your question !!! But you would be absolutely incorrect. :-/
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Answer #4 | 06/06 2017 08:15
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Anonymous11084 | 01/07 2017 06:10
Liberal double standard; hypocrisy.
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Anonymous459691 | 23/07 2017 20:14
Choosing to ignore stark facts is the hallmark of liberalism.
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Anonymous17139 | 03/07 2017 04:33
It distracts the uneducated from factual evidence.
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Answer #8 | 06/06 2017 08:07
Before the Liberal Racial Double Standard - Slavs in North America (and Britain) (think before the 1950s) were heavily discriminated against. The Klu Klux Klan in Canada, without as many Afro-Americans to dissent against, often instead targeted Polish people. Under the Liberal Racial Double Standard It is a good thing to be Irish. It is a good thing to be Asian or Black. It is still not a good thing to be Slavic. Slavic People are still stereotyped as bad guys in most action Hollywood films. Slavic people are not considered minorities and must assimilate to the Anglo / White Identity, but "oh, it's ok to be Black-American or Asian-American and not have to learn English". Slavic people are ignored in this continent's history. American school children read about Afro-American slaves (and how they are an equal component of this society). In Canada, they make it seem like it was the Chinese who built the entire Canadian Pacific Railway. Meanwhile not a word is mentioned about the Ukrainians, the Poles and all the other Slavs who migrated to a barren Prairie / Mid-west and built civilization (and a breadbasket) out of virgin land. If we are mentioned, then it is a single footnote on the bottom of the page and that's about it. Anglos are literally taught (implied) that Slavs are a foreign unwanted component to this land, even though we have more history in our specific regions (the Prairies and Midwest) than Anglos do. Anglos (esp. Liberal Anglos) heavily discriminate towards Slavs. It's one thing to be a White Straight Person to a Liberal Anglo, it's far worse to be a Slav White Person to a Liberal Anglo.
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Answer #9 | 06/06 2017 07:58
Just because Asians do better than whites in school (on average, not always) doesn't mean that Asians are superior. "White Privilege" means that racism usually extends towards all minority races. White people historically have more successes in job applications, more biased teachers, and other race-related benefits. Blacks and other such minorities are more often targeted by police and are targeted by lethal force even though whites deserve these just as much, if not more. Overall, even if Asians may have a more academic culture than whites, whites still have the advantage of a racial bias.
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Anonymous295143 | 16/10 2017 01:05
One thing I have definitely learned in debate with liberals , is facts don't matter .
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Anonymous459691 | 23/07 2017 20:11
Facts prove they should not .... but. That is :-/ the way liberals seem to believe their protestations should be heard . Com
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