How can I tell this guy I don't want to give him rides anymore to work?

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  • How can I tell this guy I don't want to give him rides anymore to work?


Answer #1 | 01/01 2017 19:14
Tell him you have discovered you insurance doesn't cover passengers so you can't do it anymore.
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Answer #2 | 02/01 2017 00:08
tell him your taxi is no longer available and he needs to find another way to get to work
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Answer #3 | 04/01 2017 07:14
tell him you can't give him rides anymore. you are not a chauffeur.
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Answer #4 | 01/01 2017 18:01
Tell him you've been given a promotion but you have to be at work two hours earlier. Ask him if he can find something to do between 7:00 AM and 9:00. (This probably wont be effective if you work in the same office.)
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Answer #5 | 01/01 2017 21:10
If you just tell him, he will probably ask why so you will have to come up with something. You might tell him that you are going to be checking on a friend every morning before work and she lives the other direction. The friend is ill and needs help with a few things and so, will be coming to work from the other direction.
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Answer #6 | 02/01 2017 22:17
Just tell him the truth but it would be nice if you could give him a few days to make other arrangements.
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Answer #7 | 01/01 2017 18:01
Work often leaves tension if you do that. You might become enemies or they will hold a grudge. Especially moochers and freeloaders. Can he take a bus, or find another ride.
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Answer #8 | 01/01 2017 18:15
How about--gasp!--telling the truth? "I imagine it's disappointing, but I'd rather not give you rides to work any more. It's not convenient. So this Friday will be the last day I can do it." "It's bothered me for a while now that you're late so often and I have to wait for you in order to do you the favor of giving you a ride. So Friday's the last day I'll be driving you." "I'm sorry, but the extra time it takes to pick you up, plus how you don't chip in anything like a reasonable amount for gas, means I don't want to drive you to work any more. Friday's the last day."
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