How can I stop getting like this everytime when vietnamese new years comes around?

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  • How can I stop getting like this everytime when vietnamese new years comes around?


Answer #1 | 16/01 2011 21:22
If you are going to go along with your folks' wishes and do the 'arranged marriage' thing, you might as well go along with their wishes that you wait a while. You're 21 - there's plenty of time. Meanwhile, have a good time and enjoy yourself. Go out and party a bit with the guys, and get all that out of your system. Try to get a job and save some money for the future. Make the most of the time until you get married, and get all the 'wild oats' out of your system. Your marriage will stand a better chance of being a smooth one if you do, and you'll be glad you took advantage of the time. If this girl is worth marrying, she is worth waiting on for a few more years.
Answer #2 | 16/01 2011 21:34
This question is most likely bogus. Figured I'd score 2 pts. for an answer, though.
Answer #3 | 16/01 2011 21:51
Jacob/Marcus/David/whatever, seriously, go f*ck yourself already. Asking this question 13 times in one hour with three accounts, find a new hobby.
Answer #4 | 19/01 2011 08:19
its all in your head your young ,smart. and really wants to grow up but do be happy that you are bless with time so enjoy it you have so much to do n see travel the world meet all types of asian girls (lol) okok or all types of girls them pick one bring her home so she can take care of your mom and give birth to a son! be happy enjoy your new years go eat a moon cake youll better for go watch the dragons dancing make you feel better or play card brings good luck if u win in the beginning of the year.

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