How can I scare my babysitter?

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  • How can I scare my babysitter?


Answer #1 | 27/10 2009 13:53
fake blood and a well planned "accident"..... good luck you little monster
Answer #2 | 27/10 2009 13:55
This is what you do. Set up a video camera in your bathroom, and put it in a spot to where it looks hidden. Tape about ten minutes of that empty bathroom. When your baby sitter goes to the bathroom, hurry up and put that tape in your VCR and start laughing really hard. When she gets out of the bathroom to see what your were laughing at, she will see the empty bathroom on TV and think that you were watching her use the bathroom.
Answer #3 | 27/10 2009 13:54
Well, get her car keys, get someone to hide in the car and after she turns the car on scare her with a loud BOO always works for me =]
Answer #4 | 27/10 2009 13:54
Show her your true face.
Answer #5 | 27/10 2009 13:56
have someone she never met hide in the bathroom. Then say your going to the bathroom and come out screaming and have him chasing you with an axe. hahaha Mine?;_ylt=AkLl7Vd6vbT4O6UpucfCYJTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091027134003AAAd49e
Answer #6 | 27/10 2009 13:56
When she's in the bathroom, slip a mirror under the door and go PEEK-A-BOO I SEE YOU!!!!! lolz thats all i got.
Answer #7 | 31/10 2009 09:06
Maybe talk to her and talk about halloween and see if she would tell you what shes scared of! If that doesn't work go to a halloween store and find a hole bunch of scary things ( like fake blood,clown mask,fake knife, etc.) Have some fun with it and be creative! Just don't scare her to much or hurt her! Good Luck!
Answer #8 | 29/10 2009 11:59
pretend to be dead
Answer #9 | 27/10 2009 14:09
turn on the garbage disposal then scream of horror with fake blood all over your hand. Or pop out of a random garbage can with a scary mask.

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