How can I overcome my fear of heights and drops on roller coasters?

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  • How can I overcome my fear of heights and drops on roller coasters?


Answer #1 | 14/12 2013 11:49
First, it might please you to know that Oblivion's drop is 180 feet and it's also vertical (well, 87 degrees;)). It just looks smaller because you can't see most of the drop. So you CAN do big drops.:) Things you might like to think about or do to change your mind: ~It's perfectly safe. After all, the ride wouldn't be open if it was dangerous. ~Tell yourself 'I am going to like this. It will be fun and exciting! And even if I hate it, it's very short and I don't have to ride it again.' ~Try hitting whatever ride you find 'scary' first, so you can get it out of the way and have fun the rest of the day. Maybe you'll end up loving it! ~Even giant drops last all of 2-5 seconds or so. That's really short. ~Make a personal rule-'If I step into the queue line, I am riding. I will not chicken out after waiting for who knows how long.' ~Don't stare at the ride while you're waiting in line. It can psych you out instead of making you excited. ~Try closing your eyes. Then you can't see how high up you are. ~Scream! Really, it helps. (Just don't scream on the lift hill part please.;)) ~Watch POV videos of the rides on youtube. That way you can see what it does. ~When/if you decide you like drops, put your hands up. It feels like you're flying!:) P.S. I love roller coasters and I would skip Saw because I hate hate hate creepy-themed things.:P But I think Stealth looks like a LOT of fun!:) I am in the U.S. though, so I don't think I'll get to try that anytime soon.:P Hope I helped!:)
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