How can i kill myself fast enough to not feel pain?

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  • How can i kill myself fast enough to not feel pain?


Answer #1 | 25/01 2017 23:17
All you have to do is stand on a chair, put a noose around your neck, and tighten a belt around your neck so you pass out, fall, and hang unconscious. Then you can be happy that you've passed on your pain to your loved ones 10 fold when all you had to do was get help. You can do these steps for a guaranteed traumatized family, and wasted life. You could have done so many things. But noooo you just want to kill yourself, not caring to make everyone else miserable. Why don't you take that belt and noose as a collar and leash and adopt a dog suffering more than you, but dosen't have the luxury of ending it. Just go do something crazy if nothing matters anymore. Have some fun with your disposable life, have fun. Do something fun. Feel joy again. With your new dog. Explore. But maybe seek a therapist to get an idea of where to begin again, and some pet owner advice
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Answer #2 | 24/01 2017 23:00
Not possible. Any method contains a certain amount of pain. Stop trying to kill yourself, get over being so emo and get help for whatever is really troubling you.
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Answer #3 | 25/01 2017 01:09
You can't. I've tried 11 times. The last time was in November and I suffered from excruciating seizures! I've tried several different ways and they're all painful. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist and get some anti depressants. I'm here if you want to talk..
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Answer #4 | 27/01 2017 05:46
Don't do it. I've felt suicidal on numerous occasions and the only thing that stops me is thinking about my family and the impact it would make on their lives. When you do feel at your lowest, please know there are people that care and help is out there. The best thing you can do is speak with a close family member and ask them to come to the doctor with you, for support. I hope you begin to feel better soon and remember there's no shame in asking for help. We all need it at some point in our lives. Take care.
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Answer #5 | 01/02 2017 06:10
Don't hang yourself. I heard if you don't do it right it could take HOURS to suffocate. Slitting your painful. Overdosing can take to long and isn't very reliable. Soooo...JUMP OFF A BUILDING! *splat*
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Answer #6 | 27/01 2017 19:22
do not eat !! you achieve your goal so easily !!!!
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Answer #7 | 26/01 2017 03:57
Don't do it! Get help asap!
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Answer #8 | 25/01 2017 05:12
Go lie your head on the railroad track in front of an on-coming train. That should do it, and you won't feel any pain.
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Answer #9 | 29/01 2017 04:42
I would lock myself in a garage with a running car, OR if I lived alone, allow carbon monoxide to leak into your house. You will fall asleep and not wake up and will feel no pain. No, I don't recommend killing yourself. I've been suicidal in the past and I'm soooo glad I didn't kill myself because life really does get better. I do not in any way encourage you to actually kill yourself. Get help.
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Answer #10 | 24/01 2017 22:41
Drive a pencil in your ear with a hammer.
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Answer #11 | 26/01 2017 01:15
Don't do it. God created you for a purpose. Jesus gave His life for you. He LOVES YOU. Put your pain on His shoulders and he will give the answer to your relief and happiness
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Answer #12 | 06/02 2017 22:20
jump out the window of a 10 story building... there's no pain floating down and then it is just thud and lights out...
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Answer #13 | 28/01 2017 02:56
You need to talk to someone right now. Please don't kill yourself.
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Answer #14 | 26/01 2017 12:44
Do not kill yourself because you have a purpose in this world trust me
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Answer #15 | 28/01 2017 16:42
Jump out the window of a 10 story building. There is no pain floating down and then it is just THUD and lights out.
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Answer #16 | 26/01 2017 01:57
wait a good 70 years and die from natural causes, live your life.
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Answer #17 | 18/02 2017 19:30
go for a swim on tranquilizer
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Answer #18 | 30/01 2017 22:44
Are you having physical or emotional pain? Whatever it is... just breathe. Realize that life is precious. First you need to identify the source of the pain, then you can treat the underlying cause of it. Don't treat the symptom, treat the cause.
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Answer #19 | 27/01 2017 05:19
drive a hammer into your ear with a pencil
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Answer #20 | 28/01 2017 23:19
Please know that however low you go , you can always get that high as well. It ALWAYS gets better. There has never been a time in my 30 some years on this earth that my very low points have not gotten better. Taking your own life is just like taking another's. If you do this you are not thinking of what will happen to all those you leave behind. You will have put them in as much pain as you are in now , probably more. Do not listen to people that put you down. If you are younger, you will not have to deal with them your entire life. If you are older , you have the power to change your situation, there are many options and people that are willing to help whatever situation you are in. WHATEVER your religion there is a higher power that loves you. I promise it always gets better !!!!! Give it time , a lot more than you have . You will see and be so happy you didn't. Someone out there need a you and what you are supposed to be for them in the future . Keep your head up
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Answer #21 | 25/01 2017 02:06
Kick a Rottweiler .
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Answer #22 | 25/01 2017 09:22
Please let me be your friend. I am more than willing to keep you company if you would give me a chance. Kik me at victorialamarie . Never give up.
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Answer #23 | 28/01 2017 04:33
Go for a swim on tranquilizer
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Answer #24 | 26/01 2017 01:46
Choke on a cheese stick and laugh
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Answer #25 | 26/01 2017 11:26
Pain, physical and emotional, is proof that you're alive. Stop running from it and instead embrace it and let it make you stronger.
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Answer #26 | 26/01 2017 14:18
god loves you... pleease dont ever think about ending your life... don't you wanna go to heaven? taking your own life isnt gods shall... you guys are loved more than you know... your lives are worth living... pleease guys, don't encourage this by giving horrible suggestions out... i know this person asked but what if they were serious?
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Answer #27 | 29/01 2017 22:23
Where are you having pain and what do you need?
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