how can i get my cat to cuddle more?

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  • how can i get my cat to cuddle more?


Answer #1 | 04/06 2009 21:54
Buy a dog, he'll never want to get out of your hands again
Answer #2 | 04/06 2009 21:58
Try doing nice things for him. Bring him special treats and pet him and spend quality bonding time with him. You have to start out gradually. Start with the treats. Let him feel like he's won some personal attention, as if he's "the special one". It usually works like a charm, but some cats are just set in their ways.
Answer #3 | 05/06 2009 23:01
Take him out to a restaurant in Burgos, Spain. why did you post this HERE? Cats don't usually cuddle much, unless THEY want to.

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