How can I get a lost title of a motorcycle?

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  • How can I get a lost title of a motorcycle?


Answer #1 | 03/01 2017 21:20
Go down to your local DMV and apply for a duplicate title.
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Answer #2 | 09/01 2017 22:51
The person who has their name on the original title is the only one who can obtain a "duplicate" title. (Just go to DMV and apply.) If you bought it from someone saying "lost title", they have to get the replacement and then sign it over to you. Let them know that your only other options are to be given your money back, or for you to report them to the police as selling possibly stolen merchandise. Note that there are other ways such as if it is part of an estate, etc. where the executor of the estate can get legal ownership and thus a title that can be signed over. Also an abandoned vehicle on YOUR property may have a lien for "storage" placed on it by you. The procedures vary by state, but your local DMV can advise you.
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Answer #3 | 07/01 2017 04:24
The Shiriff's office can help that process.
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Answer #4 | 03/01 2017 22:13
Go to DOt with VIN number, pay for history and if it was in your name originally, pay the fee for duplicate title. If the cycle was bought without title, you may have a problem if seller said 'lost' title for stolen cycle. some places depending on cycle may not have issued title to begin with- dirt bike rarely had titles. Actual bike, actual state and actual situation of 'lost' title? Old cycle from dead uncle? one case was death notice, executor of estate note and $30.00 to the DOT/DMV for title. Ossa never had title, was a 'dirt bike' same as MZ.
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Answer #5 | 03/01 2017 21:58
department of motor vehicles
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Answer #6 | 03/01 2017 21:17
Go to the DMV
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Answer #7 | 03/01 2017 21:50
you go to the DMV and fill out the lost title form and pay the fee
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