how can I find the angle when trying to connect a wheelchair ramp to a deck?

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  • how can I find the angle when trying to connect a wheelchair ramp to a deck?


Answer #1 | 19/12 2013 22:52
google ADA housing codes. they do depend on where u live. here the rize is a mere 2" per foot.
Answer #2 | 19/12 2013 22:57
Divide the height of the ramp by the length of the ramp. Then put that number in the box that says tan ^-1 on this page: It will give you the angle of the triangle on the ground at the foot of the ramp, which will be the same angle the top of the ramp is rising.
Answer #3 | 20/12 2013 00:37
The code is 1 inch for every foot.
Answer #4 | 20/12 2013 02:12
You don't need to know the angle, if it's a 2" rise for for each foot length in the ramp, just measure the difference between levels, divide by 2" and that's the length of your ramp in feet. If you have to do it by the angle from the ground to the ramp, just buy a cheap protractor and measure from the ground to the ramp. or draw the angle on a piece of card or plywood and cut it out. But if you get the ramp length right the angle will be right too.
Answer #5 | 20/12 2013 06:25
it's quite simple, really. The code calls for fourteen inches of length for every inch of height. You'll have to run the measurements for yourself. If the deck is a foot off the ground, it's 14 X 12, or l68 inches long. Now, how will that work, use a long two by four or the like to figure out the exact angle for your deck.
Answer #6 | 20/12 2013 05:47
you could use right angle trigonometry or you could just lay the board just above where its suppose to go and carry the line of the deck up with a straight edge

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