how big can men get befor a women stop liking?

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  • how big can men get befor a women stop liking?


Answer #1 | 24/09 2006 15:14
What do you mean by big?
Answer #2 | 24/09 2006 15:23
Good God. SIZE DOES NOT REALLY MATTER! it's all in the guy and how he uses it!
Answer #3 | 24/09 2006 15:21
Answer #4 | 24/09 2006 15:21
pretty big
Answer #5 | 24/09 2006 15:14
Depends on the woman. My uncle is over 300 pounds and his wife still goes for him
Answer #6 | 24/09 2006 15:21
I have heard over 10" hurts.
Answer #7 | 24/09 2006 15:24
It would depend on how big and the woman......
Answer #8 | 24/09 2006 15:36
being too much over weight is not healthy. If she loves you then she would tell you to do something about it. True love is blind, and many women like larger men, but wouldnt you rather be healthy in love than over weight and single? Why wait to find out if you're too big for her liking? She may be too kind to tell you that you are getting too big and not want to hurt your feelings. She may just stray away slowly. Do you want that to happen?
Answer #9 | 27/09 2006 16:12
Well!! If you are big because muscles its fine but big because you get fat is not fine. I s not only because you are fat but because the health. It is ok to be a little big. I think a man is always charming and i prefer touch meat in a man that touch bones.
Answer #10 | 24/09 2006 21:05
big should have nothing to do with like or dislike. its all about personality, if you cant find a person like this just wait, there's no hurry. the right person will come along.
Answer #11 | 24/09 2006 17:21
ask val venis
Answer #12 | 24/09 2006 15:56
This question has nothing to do with Dining Out!
Answer #13 | 24/09 2006 16:41
When a guy gets big (weight), I will worry more about his health than his looks. And seeing as how i can't really say anything to him without me thinking that I'm just judging his appearance I usually will just back out. As for the size for lil man I could say there really isn't too big. Even though too big kinda scares me (I'm a virgin so OW!) most girls dig it.

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