How are you guys dealing with the departure of Evil Insane Hermione?

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  • How are you guys dealing with the departure of Evil Insane Hermione?


Answer #1 | 04/06 2010 13:32
I'm hoping she'll decide to come back. :( She was one of the funniest people on here, it's not the same without her!
Answer #2 | 04/06 2010 14:33
I missed her already.
Answer #3 | 04/06 2010 14:25
I really miss her. She was really kind....
Answer #4 | 04/06 2010 13:48
well, I think she made the choice she wants to make.. *sighs* but everyone will miss her....
Answer #5 | 04/06 2010 13:46
really? she left? Winky hasn't heard of this :( why did she decide to leave?
Answer #6 | 04/06 2010 15:32
I'm Spamming Her mail, Hoping She Goes Crazy and Come Back XD This is really Stupid... Leaving bunch of People because of Your Age?! Dear...We're living in 2010... I was going to Stay a HP Nerd for My whole Life and Even show the books to the Future kids and ... But it disappointed Me...Seriously You can stay a Kid at Heart and There is No Problem with that but...I don't know I have No idea
Answer #7 | 04/06 2010 16:04
@Winky She left because she thought she was so much older than us and worried people would call her a perv. I miss her, hannah. I really do. It was a shame you never got to meet her. She's so funny and you would have gotten along great. Everyone loved her, except the Harry Haters, but they're all jacked up in the head anyway.
Answer #8 | 04/06 2010 19:43
:'( I miss her.
Answer #9 | 04/06 2010 19:28
I really like her.. She's funny and kind. I hope she comes back :(
Answer #10 | 04/06 2010 18:13
Quite terribly actually. She was one of the funniest ones on here :P no offense to any of you......i love you all! <3 :)
Answer #11 | 04/06 2010 16:46
You know what, I tried not to like Evil Insane Hermione, because she was so evil and insane. But, in the end... I grew to admire her. I do miss her, and it is sad that we live in a world where she cannot be in the HP Crew out of fear. We would openly welcome her back with open arms, of course. But, she is so scared of being ridiculed or whatever. So, I'm sad over the situation. And I agree with Harry and Bill... I plan to show my kids HP, and I plan on being a fan for life! I've been a fan since I was really young, and I don't plan on ever not loving Harry Potter.

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