How are the Apam Jews distinct from other Italian Jews?

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  • How are the Apam Jews distinct from other Italian Jews?


Answer #1 | 14/08 2014 22:53
The Appam Jews use prayers and services derived from medieval French Jewish ritual.
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Answer #2 | 15/08 2014 00:12
The Apam Jews were Jews who lived only in the Italian towns of Asti, Fossano, and Moncalvo. They used special prayers that were specific ONLY to them. Italian Jews in other towns would have used standard Jewish prayers. They used a different machzor in in the three towns that comprised Apam Jews. Lili is right. The machzor was from Medieval France (as French Jews were expelled they drifted towards Italy and particularly to these three towns) and thus, their prayers and rituals tied them closer to French Jews than to mainstream Italian Jews. I suppose it would be easier to say that the machzor was the same as in other Italian towns but the prayers specific to Apam Jews were on loose leaf pages put into the mahzorim. In reality, it was not a huge difference. Apam is really better called Afam
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