horse meat whats the problem?

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  • horse meat whats the problem?


Answer #1 | 21/01 2013 10:39
It's the way the Irish get back at the English. Another lower form of retribution.
Answer #2 | 21/01 2013 11:29
There's nothing wrong with it, its just the culture in Ireland and the UK in which horses are considered animals of importance and are companions to many people. In France they eat horses on a regular basis, just how the Chinese eat cats. Nothing wrong with eating cat or horse meat, just culture. It's all meat!
Answer #3 | 21/01 2013 12:09
Most countries in Europe with the notable exceptions of Ireland and the UK have horse meat. In the town where I live in Italy, there are butchers that specialize in horse and donkey and it's commonly available in the supermarkets. It's a specialty in Mantova and some other areas. During festivals in the town where I live one of the options that is frequently available in the food tents is Stracotto di Somaro con polenta.
Answer #4 | 21/01 2013 19:01
Chinese don't eat cats. Cats meat is sour and taste bad. But some Chinese do eat dogs. I hate that and it's disgusting. When I with some ppl saying how delicious the dog meats are, I really want to say in their face I was born in a dog year and I really hate ppl eat dogs. But I'm afraid they will continue say how delicious dogs are like they are imagining doing that or they want to persuade me. So I just pouch them in my mind heavily.

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