hi can a dog that has lived with cats for 4 years kill one of the cats just out of the blue?

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  • hi can a dog that has lived with cats for 4 years kill one of the cats just out of the blue?


Answer #1 | 08/02 2014 01:01
It depends on the dog mainly, butnsometimes its not always the dogs fault. Dogs are usually bigger so it could have been playing or the cat could have went for the dog first.
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Answer #2 | 08/02 2014 01:21
Yes Its a predator. Dogs can and will kill a cats due to them being a predator. All it takes is the cat doing something to set the dog off
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Answer #3 | 08/02 2014 02:57
Ofcourse. In 85% of fatalities in humans due to dogs, the dog was owned by the family, and the dog usually killed children under 5 years old cause they're smaller. Now your dog probably has a taste for blood and will kill again, i recommend for his/her sake and yours to put the dog down. Im so sorry about what happend, but you have to remember, they are animals, and thats how they survived before.
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Answer #4 | 08/02 2014 00:40
Yes, it sure can ... and it does happen more often than one might think! My sister had a cat and a Pit Bull, and the dog ripped the cat to shreds when they were 3-yrs old. The dog was 4-mos. old when she got the kitten and so they were raised together. The animals played together and slept together and seemed to be best buddies. The cat would even come and eat right out of the dog's dish, while the dog was being fed, and the dog never seemed to mind. One day my sister came home from work and the cat had been savagely ripped to shreds all over the indoor porch. The dog had blood and debris all over his neck, front legs and face. When he was cleaned up, he had scratches on his face--like the cat put up a fairly decent fight. All of us were shocked because we didn't see any signs of this to come; like I said, these animals were buddies and seemed to 'love' one another. Had the signs (pointing to the dog as the perpetrator) not been sooo prevalent, we would have been stumped as to what happened. Although my sister never got another animal while the dog was still living, she never had another problem but, she always, always, always kept the dog on a short leash when she took him out of her home--even just to take him from the front door to the car. We have no idea if the dog would have acted in such manner going forward but, there were no chances taken, either. From what the Vet and her trainer said, once a dog acts in this way, it's highly likely it will act like that again. I sure hope you didn't experience this!! If so, I'm curious about what breed and gender of dog did this. If this did happen to you, I'm terribly sorry!! And, I wish you the best!! Good luck, and take care!! :-)
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Answer #5 | 07/02 2014 23:28
No. Your dog probably has the taste for blood now. Its not normal if it was on purpose. If it was an accident, he probably was just playing with it.
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Answer #6 | 08/02 2014 11:35
Yes it happens all the time -.-
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