Hersey probelm!? help?

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  • Hersey probelm!? help?


Answer #1 | 06/10 2013 09:00
so sorry for u
Answer #2 | 06/10 2013 11:41
use something else another hershey chocolate
Answer #3 | 06/10 2013 11:33
Do you mean chocolate covered pretzels? I'm sure you can buy some of the wonderful chocolate made in Europe and use that. Good luck!
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Answer #6 | 06/10 2013 12:29
Try some of the local chocolates to find one that you like. I'm not familiar with german chocolates, so I couldn't tell you which brands to try, but look around. There'll be other chocolates around (maybe a delectable Swiss brand?) and you could make your chocolare covered pretzels with that.
Answer #7 | 06/10 2013 14:10
There are a lot of companies that store American brands online and some high street shops - see if there are any available in Germany, in England there are lots and they ship overseas too - maybe that is an option try this website This is a German company that stocks American and English food Hope this is helpful to you xx
Answer #8 | 06/10 2013 18:35
Wow, surprised Germany does not have Hershey. They have to have a brand of chocolates that is good for Germany, use that brand. You are also in a completely different territory so you will have to get used to the German brand of chocolate.
Answer #9 | 06/10 2013 18:33
Answer #10 | 06/10 2013 15:13
Look for a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. You should be able to find it in most major German grocer retailers. It melts very similar to Hershey's. The store-brand chocolate sold at Aldi is also very similar, if I recall. Lindt and Sarotti are also good European milk chocolates.
Answer #11 | 06/10 2013 15:06
that's just the way it is

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