help with choosing it courses?

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  • help with choosing it courses?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 15:58
For hardware just make your own PC, you will learn very quickly if your trying to make one, as for programming is a good interactive site that helps with all programming languages. I will now attempt to explain some computer hardware. CPU: The CPU is the brain of the computer, everything that happens within the computer gets told by that to do it, CPU stands for computer processing unit. There are 2 manufacturers of CPUs these are intel and AMD, AMD tends to be cheaper and faster whereas intel costs more but has better frame rate for games and stuff. Frame rate is how many frames per second that can show up on your screen, the more the better. Motherboard: The motherboard is like the backbone of your computer, everything is connected together by the motherboard. The motherboard has a chipset which allows it to be compatible and basically communicate with the CPU to find out the best chipset for the CPU your getting search up "best chipset for 'whichever CPU socket type your getting' " Also CPUs and motherboards have socket types for example there is a LGA1150 socket for intel (not the only socket type) and there is an AM3+ socket type for AMD (also not the only socket type) if you try putting a CPU with an LGA1150 socket type into an AM3+ motherboard it won't fit and vice versa. The two socket types i mentioned above are the best socket types and most commonly used for gamers or people who are making a computer for each manufacturer. RAM: RAM stands for random access memory, this is like the short term memory of the computer that keeps track of what your doing at that time. HDD: HDD stands for hard disk drive, or more commonly revered to as hard drive, this is the long term memory of the computer that stores information such as songs, operating system, user accounts, games and much more. GPU: GPU stands for graphics processing unit, this is commonly referred to as a video or graphics card, this basically makes the definition of whatever task your doing better and sends that signal to your monitor. PSU: PSU stands for power supply unit, this basically powers the computer. There are other things that you need to make a computer such as CPU cooler and computer case. There is also something called SSD that makes the computer boot up quicker and be quicker. I could go into more detail but that would just confuse you, go to and just pick out parts for a computer, it doesn't matter if your not actually making one it will still help and then just put questions up on here asking if the parts you have chosen are compatible. Hope this helps

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