Help what is my workout mistake ?

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  • Help what is my workout mistake ?


Answer #1 | 23/12 2013 04:22
My brother is actually trying to gain weight and muscle hes super skinny. But in your case, you sound normal weight to me. What is your current weight? If youre trying to build abs and all make sure you lose body fat first so that you can replace the fat with muscle and your workout routine is pretty good just make sure to give a break your body needs it or your muscles will over work and tire off and get so use to it that it wont change, also maybe you should change your workout routine a bit. Your body is so use to the same routine its not effective anymore. Get some workouts from youtube or do insanity its goood, get jillian michaels 30 day shred and ripped. You need fats the good ones obviously. You cant avoid that. Have fish, nuts, chicken, turkey, milk eggs. You didnt mention protien. That is essential doesnt matter if you are losing or gaining weight. You NEED protien. Eat eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, nuts, lentils, beans. Just remember to have salad with every meal you have and have fruits in every snack and breakfast. Take sundays and thursdays off and give yoyr body a rest. If you want a nice 30 mins walk is good and healthy. Make sure to have milk and organic foods if you can afford it.
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Answer #2 | 23/12 2013 05:12
Naturally ,you will lose the most fat in the first month or 2 because of the exercise but now you are use to that amount so that's the maximum fat you will lose so try adding a bit more on like do 30-40 mins cardio BTW if your aiming for fat loss and not muscle gain do more cardio vascular and less muscular training also think o you just do running ? Do different cardio things burpies are particularly good do about as many as you can in a row or try non stop for a minute.Cycling is another good one ,spinning is probably the quickest calorie burning machine in a gym so yea BTW in a hour 1 kg of muscle burns approximately 15-25 calories per hour but fat only burns 10-20 it depends on how much you push yourself but if you gain lots of muscle the fat will burn off quicker and to be healthy you can urn up to a maximum of about 4 pounds a week but try like a lose 4 pound week then a relax but stay at same weigh week its like interval training which reminds me interval training is also very good all in all - gain a little muscle then do lots of different cardio exercises for about 45-60 mins a day do some of them interval training hope this helps
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