HELP. I'M LOST..................................?

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  • HELP. I'M LOST..................................?


Answer #1 | 22/12 2013 21:49
I shall answer you're "question," or rather comment on it... but let me get to part 4 first. So far, I can comment on a few things. When you get to college, you will meet MANY new faces. They will not know anything about you. So, no one will be able to judge you as a shy introvert (like me most days). Feel free to be as expressive as you can, because you probably won't see them again unless you choose to keep in contact with them. Secondly, material things like friends or our position on marching band do not define us and who we are as a person. I knew a guy in highschool... Athletic, handsome, had some British accent the girls loved, and even was rich and had tons of "friends." I talked to him, and he was a total egotistical jerk. I believe that the heart makes up for the talent difference. A lot of social stuff is forcing yourself out of the comfort zone to start out with. Once you talk to people though it gets easier after awhile. And, a tip, make sure you don't overdue it. I knew this girl in high school named Margaret. Complete opposite of the Ego man Patrick. This girl was the subject of ridicule at school. But the reason was not her lack of talent, but her lack of social skills. She would overdue trying to make conversation to the point of awkward annoyance... interrupting every conversation not related to her, being oblivious to others, rambling on forever, repeating the same thing she said 2 seconds ago. The main way to not follow in the footsteps of this person is to be aware. Don't be a negative Nancy as you've been writing, but be neutral. Keep a conscience mind and think before speaking. If all else fails, realize that the best songs are usually written in the worst of times. Edit: Phew, so much for "waiting" till part 4

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