HELP I have body + skin issues?

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  • HELP I have body + skin issues?


Answer #1 | 20/12 2013 00:08
Um. I didn't read anything about acne. Did I miss something? I'm wondering if you have different colors on your face specifically because you were recently dancing. If you were moving around a lot, it can make cheek pinks and white "mustache" on fair skinned people because of circulation. It's normal and probably isn't there all of the time. Eyebrow plucking doesn't really hurt. It smarts a little if you haven't done it before (or in a while), but it's really not a big deal and the more you do it, the less you feel it. I promise, any plucker or make-up artist at the mall isn't going to judge you. They like having people to "dress" up. They like your business and they're just people. The very reason they got into their profession is because they understand how goofy some people feel when they're not made up (whether they are actually ugly or not.) They'll be friendly. Having said that, I don't personally wear make-up anymore. I used to. I guess I've gotten to a point where I started feeling like people who wear it are either just insecure or are trying to be better than everybody else. I didn't want people to think either about me, that I was insecure or trying to be better, I just wanted other people (women and girls in particular) to feel comfortable around me and know I wasn't out to trump them or judge them. Every once in a while, I see some woman on the street with natural skin, and I think, "Man, if she can look that good without make-up, she must really be gorgeous. I don't know about these other people who are all covered up." And the woman always looks so happy and carefree, like she doesn't worry about what she looks like. I wish more people felt that way and didn't have to feel so unhappy all the time just because television and make-up ads tell us we weren't born the way were supposed to look. But if you do want to wear make-up, I think natural colors are the way to go. I can tell you the products I used to use. After a light face lotion, I used Maybelline Dream Liquid Mouse foundation as a concealer. What I mean by that is that I never used more than the barest dab for my entire face, I only used it to blend uneven places. Then, I used Loreal Dream Matte Pressed Powder, applied with an actual make-up brush, not the one that comes with it, followed by Loreal True Match blush that matched the tones in my skin. For eyes, I used an eyelash curler, followed by a clear coat of masquara, which I tweaked with an eyelash brush and allowed to dry. Then I followed that with a dark brown masquara. I don't remember which kind I used. Then brown and amber eye shadow (there are eyeshadow tutorials on youtube) and a regular clear chapstick for my lips. It was a fairly natural look that simply looked well-groomed. If you're worried about hair sticking out of a french braid, use a little mousse before you braid or hairspray after you braid. Anyway, Merry Christmas.

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