HELP! I fallen and cant get up?

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  • HELP! I fallen and cant get up?


Answer #1 | 16/07 2012 21:44
Mayhem is everywhere.
Answer #2 | 16/07 2012 21:46
lolololol troll
Answer #3 | 16/07 2012 21:48
Trololololol... .__.
Answer #4 | 16/07 2012 23:54
you will soon
Answer #5 | 18/07 2012 13:14
mova (arraste) para um local que tenha menos moveis. gire seu corpo para que a barriga fique para baixo. tente se levantar. se nao conseguir, ja que dias que voce caiu e a tontura deve ter acabado ligue para os bombeiros. talvez isto não sirva para esta vez, mas talvez sirva para a proxima ou para outra pessoa. da proxima vez coloque em outra categoria mais visitada. Translate by google: move (drag) to a location that is less mobile. rotate your body so that the belly is down. try to get up. if not achieve, since the days you're down and dizziness should just call the fire department. maybe it does not fit this time, but may serve for the next or to another person. next time put in another category most visited.
Answer #6 | 17/07 2012 00:39
dont worry i have called 911 in your area and your parents are sending you to rehab in Iraq it really takes there so much better than in the states

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