havent met my fiance in person due to the nature of his work, but we are engaged anyway?

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  • havent met my fiance in person due to the nature of his work, but we are engaged anyway?


Answer #1 | 14/01 2014 10:44
You don't have a relationship. You have a fantasy of a relationship.
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Answer #2 | 14/01 2014 10:38
This is a terrible idea. If you have never met this man you do not know him You cannot if all you have to go on is the internet, phone calls and letters. He could be saying anything and you could never know the truth of it. You need to put this off, way off until you get a chance to meet him and spend some face to face time with him. You might find the man you meet and the man you think you know so well are really two different men, one the face he wants to present and one is the truth You need to find out which before you go follow this long distance dream. For all you know he could already be married
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Answer #3 | 14/01 2014 12:11
You need to Google "Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax" Your fiance may not even exist.
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Answer #4 | 14/01 2014 09:34
This is not a particularly a good idea. How would you consider marrying someone you have never met? How people behave on line is very different in person. Really think about the nature of his work. Everyone gets some time off and you need to make an effort to meet him.
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Answer #5 | 14/01 2014 09:32
I'd set an appointment as soon as possible. Might make the marriage go smoother if you can pick the groom out of a lineup.
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Answer #6 | 14/01 2014 15:47
Very dangerous thing to do. Never promise anything or sign anything unless you are fully informed as to what you are getting into. You could end up being imprisoned and abused if you agree to marry someone you don't know - or even travel with them. Don't. Your first responsibility is to keep yourself safe. This isn't the way to do it.
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Answer #7 | 14/01 2014 12:03
Do you have a question? You didn't ask a question.. You made a statement and then punctuated it incorrectly. Accepting a marriage proposal from someone you've NEVER met in person is really freaking stupid.
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Answer #8 | 14/01 2014 17:10
So you're having a pretend engagement, is that what you're saying? Is the rest of your life removed from reality too?
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