Have you ever remembered something that didn't happen?

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  • Have you ever remembered something that didn't happen?


Answer #1 | 12/05 2009 22:48
All the friggin' time! Not like yours, sound like you are remembering things from a past life!
Answer #2 | 13/05 2009 08:18
My whole childhood, till 7-8 y.o., I was amazed by my night dreams in which I was floating. I just should keep my breath and suddenly I was up there in the room, or around the block of flats, of their balconies ... I was controlling the flight most of the time by my breath. It was so great to see everything from very high, up in the air! I was happy to go to bed, just for keeping my breath during my dreams ... My dreams have been always very important to me. They still are a source of info to me; of course not all of them.
Answer #3 | 13/05 2009 11:19
Scott: Are you in for a big surprise! Even if you don't believe in past lives, you should just give it a try just to find out if there is any explaination to whats going on. Another reason why you should try it is because revisiting your past life takes care of any lingering issue from that time and as such has a tremendous healing power. 1. Read all you can about Dr. Ian Stevenson and his pioneering and impeccably scholarly work with 3000+ young children having past life memories around the world at: There is a Past Life Forum at this site since 1997 with 40,000 + entries carefully sorted, archived for search, research, discussions, sharing and so on by its members. You will most certainly find others with experiences such as yours. 2. Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child by Carol Bowman (written in 1997) Right from page one you can read about Carol's young son Chase, who all of a sudden begins to scream at loud sounds. She eventually finds out through a co-incidental regression therapy that he was a soldier in Civil War. It will be one page turner you will never forget, if indeed you are having past life memories. 3. There is a YouTube video that represents the story and research of Jeff Keene and his memories of being General Gordon during the Civil War. (Stars3 - is his Past Life Forum member user name.) Born again? 4. Also you may read: My American Civil War Lifetime (Past Life Forum 4/09) Good Luck! P.S. Carol says visiting a past life can cure any phobias you might have among other things.

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