Have you ever glued money to your pockets?

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  • Have you ever glued money to your pockets?


Answer #1 | 21/08 2007 02:32
Can't say i did
Answer #2 | 21/08 2007 05:00
Metaphorically ( a la Marguerite) no but I am forever findiing money in pockets. In Oxford Street the other day I found £653 and 46 Credit Cards. Dont tell Marguerite about it tho, she'll want a cut.
Answer #3 | 21/08 2007 04:37
No, but my husband puts 2 rubber bands around his wallet so that no one can pickpocket it and I`ve seen real old Ladies pin their $$$ to their bra straps(Yuck).
Answer #4 | 21/08 2007 04:18
uhhhh no.
Answer #5 | 21/08 2007 03:03
Metaphorically speaking, yes. I am forever finding money in my pockets - jacket pockets, pants, shorts, shirts, etc. It's fun. Sometimes, I really enjoy myself!
Answer #6 | 21/08 2007 06:13
I know there is a real meaning behind this question, but, uh, I don't get it. =) It reminds of those times that I have needed a fiver and was delighted to shake one out of an old purse! As a child, I would rub my hand raw digging in the sofa for coins! But, glue? Haven't done that one least, I don't think so.
Answer #7 | 21/08 2007 20:42
lmao!, but i glued my hand in my hair once!
Answer #8 | 23/08 2007 20:10
No. If you're scared of pickpockets, I suggest using travelers checks. Or sew (not tightly) money into the pockets of your jeans, pants, shirts (anything with a pocket) - that you can easily remove, but cannot be easily removed by others.
Answer #9 | 23/08 2007 14:27
Of course, every day
Answer #10 | 22/08 2007 20:16
yes do it all the time.
Answer #11 | 22/08 2007 06:27
LMAO loser

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