Have you ever felt like you don't know who you are anymore and how did you change that?

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  • Have you ever felt like you don't know who you are anymore and how did you change that?


Anonymous501398 | 16/09 2017 21:19
I watch a series called jesus of Nazareth and i feel better.
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Anonymous485934 | 12/08 2017 06:40
Yes, I have. I decided my life belongs to me entirely and it is in MY control. If i need to be saved , i must do it myself with great care because my life has value beyond measure.
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Answer #3 | 06/06 2017 09:45
A while ago I lost my long term partner, my job, my health and in the process, myself. I also nearly lost the roof over my head. It took me months to recover, and the bad part is that I had to do it all on my own, with no help from anyone, namely kuz I isolated myself from everyone. Bad then, but in hindsight, good. Good kuz I learnt lots of valuable lessons from that experience. One of them was: In tough times, you gotta accept what happened and not dwell on it (like I did) and be stronger than you ever thought you were and move on. In time I fixed my health, got myself together, got another job and was back on my feet again. If for whatever reason all that ever occurred again, I'd be much more prepared for it, without having to go through what I did back then.
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TheRealGramma | 20/09 2017 15:01
There is an answer here in the list under your question which answers perfectly. I've isn't about finding out who we are , life is about creating ourselves ! I was married to the perfect man ,loved him so incredibly much , had children with him. He was my true other half. He died of brain cancer when we were very young and our children were very small. I was lost for awhile,which meant my babies were also adrift with me. In short , I wasted too much time until I realised time is not meant to be wasted. Any of us can and should recreate our lives to be what they should be , filled with love and knowledge ! even if it is not a traumatic death which brings this transforming epiphany into being. Live for goodness only! Only goodness matters ! Bring it on !
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Answer #5 | 06/06 2017 09:44
I have felt and continue to feel like this all the time. Why do I feel this way? Namely because society molds us into artificial characters; rather than, say organic characters. Cliche, I know. Can you change this feeling? Most people claim that they can; however, most people are wrong in my opinion. How would a potential employer on average respond to a candidate that quit their previous employment to learn a skill like skating or playing the guitar? Some employers may respect that decision, but a majority of employers would question that person's rational and pass up that person as a serious candidate. At the end of the day, we are too dependent on one another to be truly free and to discover who we are as individuals. We all sacrifice more than we realize to meet the criteria of society. It is the sad truth of reality. I depart with this: What do we regret most about our lives as we age? Not having enough experiences.
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Answer #6 | 06/06 2017 09:40
Life is not about finding out who we are, life is about creating ourselves.
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Answer #7 | 06/06 2017 10:30
I'd go in the Bible for guidance
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Anonymous482100 | 24/09 2017 06:06
When I found out Jay-Z and beyond support violence i felt betrayed and as though I cannot tell good from evil. But I know I can . I choose to never support those who support evil and violence. Bye bye JZ , bye bye Beyonce ! Hello goodness !
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Anonymous774533 | 20/09 2017 16:18
Reach for positives always rather than negative.
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Answer #10 | 06/06 2017 09:43
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Answer #11 | 06/06 2017 09:38
Spend some alone time to clear my head and heart. Good luck! Hope that helps.
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